Errors & Omissions Insurance

Why do I need E&O insurance when I have a notary bond?
Many notaries mistakenly believe that their Notary Bond provides liability protection. However, this is not the case. Your notary bond protects the public, not the Notary.

Like most notaries, you are not in a position to pay for a lawsuit or legal fees that may result from an unintentional error. Having Errors and Omissions Insurance will protect your interests and assets from timely and expensive legal issues. Often these issues arise due to human error. However, as a Notary you are liable and will be required to pay any and all damage resulting from any improper notarization.

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LMI Notary Service offers errors & omissions insurance to protect your interests. Homeowners and Business owners have various forms of insurance to protect their property as well as protect them from liabilities that may result in property damage as well as accidents. Protect yourself and every notarial act with Notary Errors & Omissions Insurance. Errors & Omissions Insurance is available at various levels of protection with very reasonable premiums.

Bonds and E&O policies underwritten by CBIC & RLI. The coverage provided by any policy issued shall be determined in accordance with the terms & conditions of the policy issued, any contrary representations herein notwithstanding. Commission number and effective and expiration dates required for an E&O policy .

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